Cookie Policy

How are cookies used on PodHeart?

The PodHeart website and app uses cookies to look for ways to make the website and app better for you. This means that when you visit pages, click buttons, and use features in the app, this information is sent to Amplitude, which stores the information and makes it easy to view. So when a page or feature isn't being used or working as intended, I can change that so that it's easier to use, or maybe even remove it.

Where does this data go?

It only goes to Amplitude, and only I have access to it there. Your data is not shared with ad networks, Google, Facebook, or other internet surveillance giants.

Also see the Privacy Policy for further information.

What if I don't want this?

I understand if you don't like this tracking. I often don't, either. It's a tradeoff between making useful usage data available for apps you like, and not wanting to share your every move with all kinds of big companies. You should decide this for yourself.

You could just limit cookies in your browser. Read more about cookies and how to disable them on

You can also install an ad-blocker, which often blocks tracking as well. I use and recommend AdGuard on Mac, which is free and easy to use. On iOS, I use BlockBear. On other platforms there's probably something similar.