Asking podcasters what鈥檚 important to them

A few weeks ago I sent out a survey to Danish podcasters to ask them what problems they face creating their podcast. Here, I鈥檒l give you some highlights and my thoughts about them. I鈥檓 hoping I can use these results to steer PodHeart in the right direction. Since you鈥檙e here, I鈥檓 assuming you鈥檙e a podcaster or interested in becoming one.

Let鈥檚 get a few details out of the way first. 馃 I got a total of 16 responses, so the sample size isn鈥檛 huge, but definitely big enough to find something interesting. As always, survey results must be taken with a grain of salt anyway. Also, this survey is in Danish, which of course restricts the number of entrants considerably. I plan to do an international version once I鈥檝e processed the information from this one.

Oh, and congratulations to Henrik Morell from Reciprok Kommunikation; there鈥檚 some really Great Coffee coming your way. 馃槃

The biggest challenges podcasting

I was interested in finding out what the biggest challenges are podcasting, because I want to help solve those problems with what I鈥檓 building. There was a wide array of choices, from recording to hosting to marketing. Let鈥檚 see what the answers are.

56% find marketing a challenge

The top challenge is marketing, and this is not surprising to me. With so many podcasts available for listeners, it鈥檚 tough to stand out from the crowd and make yourself noticed. If you鈥檙e a niche podcast, how do you find and reach your potential fans? If you鈥檙e aiming for a broader audience, how do you convince them that your podcast is worth listening to, both compared to the other podcasts, but also all the other interesting things people could be doing with their time?

If you鈥檙e looking for answers to this question, I鈥檓 going to have to disappoint you for now. 馃槵 I鈥檓 no marketer, but I am going to look into what kind of marketing tools a podcaster needs. Maybe the PodHeart app needs to add marketing functionality, in addition to the administration and feedback tools that are currently offered? (If you feel strongly about this or have some ideas, feel free to reach out to me.)

43% find making money difficult 馃

Aah, another classic. How do I make money on my podcast? Personally, I believe the most in the superfans model, where especially niche podcasts work to have their fans subscribe to their work through something like Patreon or Supercast. Others choose something like Podimo or Luminary to make their content available exclusively for subscribers of those services. No matter what you choose, it鈥檚 going to be a lot of hard work.

I don鈥檛 see me going into this space with PodHeart. I want to help podcasters make their podcast the best it can be, but I honestly don鈥檛 know how this whole income situation is going to pan out. I鈥檓 hoping big players like Apple and Spotify will make this easier for podcasters.

What have podcasters spent money on?

I am interested in learning where the money is already flowing for a podcaster, to see if there is space for someone like me to build tools that are so valuable that you are willing to pay for it, and everybody wins. None of the respondents have not paid for anything.

Almost 90% have paid for physical equipment

Of course, this makes total sense. You need a nice microphone, maybe a recorder. This also means that most podcasters (at least the ones from this survey) don鈥檛 just use their existing phone to record on, like for example would like you to.

63% have paid for hosting

Yup, getting your podcast out there costs money. Although there are free options available (Anchor again), who knows if they exist in 5 years or how they鈥檒l make money on you in the long run. Even investor-backed businesses have to make money at some point.

50% have paid for apps

Now this is interesting for someone like me. I assume many of these are editing apps (both Hindenburg and Audacity are popular, the latter being free), but it also means that half of respondents have tried paying for software. This is good news for a programmer. 馃槑 Like with podcasting, a lot of good software is free, and this is great! But I hope to make a living creating great apps for podcasters, and it鈥檚 nice to see that there is willingness to pay for this, provided what I make creates enough value.

Digital tools are everywhere 馃

Basically all respondents use a large combination of digital tools, from todo-lists, note keeping tools, spreadsheets, backup, project management tools, etc. etc. My assumption was that podcasters have to use a lot of different tools to get their podcast done, and this seems to be true. I鈥檓 hoping I can integrate some of these into PodHeart where it makes sense, and make it really specific for podcasters, so your work isn鈥檛 scattered all over the place.

Wrapping up

If you鈥檝e read this far, I hope you found some of these results interesting. I certainly did. If you鈥檙e interested in interesting articles about podcasts, podcasting, or building apps for podcasters, feel free to sign up for my newsletter below. You can always change your mind later. 馃槉 Or if you want to beta-test PodHeart, fill out the signup form and I'll be in touch.

Tudeloo! Markus

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