Want more podcast listeners?

Make your podcast fabulous and increase listenership with PodHeart!

Improve through feedback

with in-audio commenting

It can be hard to get exact feedback from your cohosts or fellow podcasters when you don't have time to meet in person or you live far from each other. With PodHeart, you can upload your interviews, speaks, rough-cut or almost-final episodes for review by everyone in your group, and they can leave written feedback timed with the audio.

You don't even have to be at your computer. Listen on your mobile while going for a walk or on your tablet in the train, and always be ready to write down your notes to make your episodes shine.

Control the chaos

with all your audio in one place

Have all your speaks, interviews, intros, and episodes available in one place, for easy listening and download, for everyone in your group. Whether you have a single podcast with one other person or multiple among many cohost constellations, PodHeart is there to help you with keeping everything in one place.

Got multiple edits of the same audio? Upload a new version of the same sound and see (and hear) the history as it evolves and gets better. No more confusing Episode 2 (copy) final version file names.

…and more

with helpful tools for podcasters

Need a place to store your transcripts, contact info for who to interview, and other notes? PodHeart has really simple text notes per episode that are shared automatically in your group.

Need a place for your artwork and supporting files as well? No problem. Just upload them and view them online whenever you need to, or download them for offline use.


PodHeart is in constant development, and you can have a say in which direction it goes. See the public roadmap and write me an email at markus@podheart.com with ideas and suggestions, or just to say hi.

This is what's currently offered:

  • Upload and share sound in closed groups.
  • Write in-audio feedback and comments.
  • Upload new versions of the same sound, for example different iterations of speak or an entire episode, and stop having to worry about which one is the newest.
  • Create as many groups and projects as you want.
  • Upload supplementing material like artwork and documents.
  • Create and share simple and useful text notes.

Sign up for the waitlist

PodHeart is still a young app, and not quite ready for everyone. If you'd like to become a beta tester in exchange for getting PodHeart for free, sign up with your name and email address below. I'll then write you with some follow-up questions. Your info is of course not shared with anyone else.